Everyday Low Prices on Ship Models and Model Boats from Magellan Models

Magellan Models has the best selection of ship models available. Our museum quality ship models and boat models are created from the highest quality material by professional artists and craftsmen.  All of our models are replicated in exquisite detail with true paint schemes and accurate and precise markings.

Every ship model comes with a handcrafted wooden display base and attached name plate. These models are perfect for accenting a room, displaying on a desk and can also make the textbook center piece to any high quality model collection.  Any experienced collector would be proud to display a model from our high quality naval collection.

We carry a large assortment of ship models with everything from pre-World War II like the tragically destined RMS Titanic and the infamous World War II German U-boat to the more modern Virginia Class and Ohio Class submarines. Every ship takes its place among our distinguished ship models from the humble PT-109 and PBR Mark-II Patrol boats to the more majestic and awe inspiring USS Arizona and the notorious Bismark Battleships. Build your own wolf pack with a group of German U-boats or cruise the oceans with the USS Nautilus.

All of our impressive models make perfect additions to your ship model collection. Show your support for the US Naval forces by proudly displaying the ship you or a family member has or is serving on. Desktop ship models make the perfect gift for a historian buff or former naval personnel.  Any of our RMS Titanic models make the perfect gift for a historian or a movie lover. If you would like to keep your model free of dust and fingerprints, protect it with one of our premium display cases.

Create an entire armada of the most accomplished ships and submarines with an assortment of our naval models. Our Naval models span the fleet from the support USS Liberty and Landing ships to the advanced attack submarines and aircraft carriers. Explore our exciting fleet of Magellan Models and expand your collection today!


Ship Models

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