Handcrafted Model Aircraft at Discount Prices!

Museum Quality Modern Military Model Replicas, Model Helicopters, Commercial Airliners, NASA Spacecraft, Private-Civilian, Air Force One Aircraft

Desktop Airplane Models

Magellan Models offers discount prices on a large selection of handcrafted, museum quality aircraft collectibles and assorted general aviation reproductions. Shop our collection of modern military aircraft, helicopters, World War I and II era aircraft, NASA spacecraft, Air Force One, and commercial airliners from American, Boeing, Continental, Delta, Eastern, Northwest, Pan Am, TWA, United Airlines, US Airways, and many more. We have a full range of desktop reporductions depicting private-civilian planes, executive jets, helicopter models, natural wood collectibles, and vintage aircraft replicas. Our huge assortment includes more than 1000 wooden and resin composite model aircraft handcrafted and hand painted for immediate shipment from our warehouse.

Our handcrafted airplane models and helicopter models feature a popular selection of reproductions that will look great on display in your home or office. These models come in various scales and include intricate details depicting various weapon armaments, squadron insignia, and paint schemes. Our aircraft reproductions make great gifts for that special occasion and are often given to military servicemen and women, veterans, and retirees.

Choose from our huge selection of popular modern military models including the C-130 Hercules military transport, A-10 Thunderbolt attack fighter, F-18 Strike Eagle fighter aircraft, or the F-22 Raptor fighter airplane. These aircraft replicas represent some of the most advanced aircraft engineered during the modern era. You can select from various fighter jets, attack aircraft, aerial tankers, military transport planes, and bombers.

Magellan Models offers one of the largest selections of commercial airliner models available in various scales and configurations. Members of the airline industry, including pilots, mechanics, flight attendants, and support personnel often choose from our huge selection of authentic airline reproductions. Each scale replica includes a beautiful wooden display stand with a chrome support to depict your model in flight. Some display stands include imprinted details of the airplane’s name and specifications located on the wooden base.

If you can’t find that exact model for your friend or retiree, we can customize any in-stock aircraft model to your exact specifications in our Custom Shop. Engraved display bases are also available.

Shop our wide selection of the finest handcrafted reproductions from Toys and Models, Aircraft Models Corp., and Authentic Models. We usually ship within two business days or less and offer some of the lowest shipping rates on the internet. Order today, or call us at 1-800-647-0771 for any questions or inquires. We appreciate your business!

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